Club Officers

Club By-Laws

Article I – NAME

The organization’s name shall be UCSD CASUAL GOLF CLUB


To promote fun and friendly competition at UCSD through golf, while following the rules and etiquette of the game.


Section 1. Membership shall be available to UCSD student, faculty, staff, family members, retirees, alumni, and supporters of UCSD, 18 years or older. Membership in the Club is expressly reserved for amateur golfers, and any individual who is a member of the PGA, LPGA, and/or a teaching pro, cannot join the Club. If a proposed member has a vocation associated with the golf industry, the Board will, by majority vote, determine whether that proposed member may join the Club.

Section 2. Memberships in the Club are for a calendar year only, with all memberships expiring on December 31st.

Section 3. The fiscal year for the club is by calendar year.

Section 4. The board will set the club dues for the following year, including SCGA membership, and announce yearly dues to the membership with as much notice as possible, so the membership can be fully informed of the cost before the end of December when they are asked to continue their membership for the coming year.

Section 5. All proposed members must play a minimum of five rounds prior to the Club Championship to become eligible for the Club Champion or Player of the Year awards.

Section 6. The Officers may confer honorary memberships upon those whom they feel have contributed to the advancement of golf at UCSD. The unanimous affirmative vote of the Officers shall be required to approve such action.

Section 7. In the event any member of this organization shall commit any act which reflects discredit or disrepute thereon or shall refuse or neglect to comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the Officers such member shall be subject to suspension or expulsion after ten days written notice and the right to be heard, by a vote of two-thirds of the Officers at any regular meeting or special meeting called for such purpose.

Section 8. Golf tournaments shall be played according to the most current USGA RULES OF GOLF and all applicable local rules at each location. In the event of a questionable call during an event, a ruling is made within the foursome. All of these matters shall be the brought before the available Board Members after the event and a ruling will be made affirmed or denied based on USGA rules and/or local course rules.

Section 9. The annual meeting of the UCSD CASUAL GOLF CLUB shall be held annually, preferably at the last tournament of the calendar year. Each active member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote at the annual meeting.

Section 10. A legal quorum at any meeting shall be three fifths of Officers present in person or by proxy.

Section 11. The Officers shall establish all membership fees and dues from time to time in such amounts as they deem to be adequate to operate and maintain the Club. Members shall be liable for their dues.

Section 12. The Club Champion shall be the player with the lowest gross score, (relative to par) when combining his or her best three previous tournament rounds (for the tournament season) with the final tournament of the tournament season. The Player of the Year shall be the player with the lowest net score (relative to par) when combining his or her best three previous tournament rounds (for the tournament year) with the final tournament of the tournament season. The tournament year shall be December through November, such that the Club Champion can compete in the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions. In the event that the annual Club Championship tournament is not held due to weather or other circumstances, the Board shall determine the Club Champion and the Player of the Year.

Section 13. If there are open slots in a tournament after all members have been given an opportunity to sign up, then guests will be allowed to fill in the remaining slots. Guests are not eligible for any tournament prizes. A guest can only play in three tournaments per calendar year before they will be asked to join the club to continue their participation.

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Section 1. The Officers shall consist of five members in good standing of the UCSD CASUAL GOLF CLUB and they shall exercise all powers of the management of the Club not specifically excepted by these ByLaws.

Section 2. All appointments to committees shall be executed by the Officers and shall consist of good standing members of the organization.

Section 3. The Officers shall meet at such times and places as they may select and a majority shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.


Section 1. New Officers are nominated by the existing Officers. The club members must approve nominated Officers by a majority vote. Upon which time the newly appointed officers will meet in closed session to determine what positions each will hold.

Section 2. The officers shall consist of President, Handicap Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournament Director. Their duties shall be such as their title would indicate or such as may be assigned to them respectively from time to time. The term of office is one year, and must be approved by the club members each year. Board members are not compensated for their significant efforts on behalf of the membership.

Section 3. Handicap Chair shall establish a fair and proper system of handicaps in accordance with procedures laid down by the Southern California Golf Association.

Section 4. Board to investigate and act upon all applications for membership and to accept or reject applications.


Section 1. The Officers shall have the power to repeal or amend any of these By-Laws provided that such action shall not be effective until approved by a majority of members who vote of the UCSD CASUAL GOLF CLUB in accordance with the provisions contained herein.


Local Rules

Unless otherwise indicated, the UCSD Casual Golf Club will adopt the following local rules for all outings:

Rule 24 – Obstructions
An unpaved cart path shall be considered an immovable obstruction, and free relief may be taken per Rule 24-2b. The ball may be dropped with no penalty, within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.

Rule 25-2 – Embedded Ball
Through the green, a ball that is embedded may be lifted, cleaned, and dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay, but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green.
(from Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2016/2017 Appendix I, Part A, Section 3)

When conditions warrant it, we will sometimes adopt the additional rule below. This is at the board’s discretion, and will be announced prior to teeing off.

Rule 25-1 – Abnormal Ground Conditions
A ball lying on a closely-mown area through the green may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, he must place it on a spot within six inches of, and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard, and not on a putting green.
(from Decisions on the Rules of Golf 2016/2017 Appendix I, Part A, Section 3)

When selecting tees, the board will generally select the shortest set of tees over 6000 yards for the men. The board may select a shorter set of tees if they feel that it will lead to a more enjoyable round by the members playing in the tournament. Women will play a set of tees shorter than or equal to the mens’ tees. Tees will be announced when the tournament is announced.

An event will be considered a “Full Field” event when there are 24 or more participants. An event will be considered a “Qualifying Field” when there are 12 or more participants.

All events will count towards the standings for the tournament year.

Play will be split into two flights for Full Field events, but not for other events. The board will decide how the flights will be split. In an attempt to split the flights evenly, the current typical split is around a course handicap above or below 15.

Prizes will be awarded as the board and budget see fit. Generally, prizes will be awarded based on these guidelines:

Qualifying Field – Prizes awarded for:
Closest to the pin (2 par 3’s)
Low Net Score
Low Putts
Full Field – As above, with the following additions:
Low Net Score (first flight)
Low Net Score (second flight)
Long Drive (Men)
Long Drive (Women)

If there are fewer than 12 participants, the round will count towards the tournament year standings, but no prizes will be awarded.

These are guidelines, and the board will sometimes elect to decide otherwise.

The UCSD Casual Golf Club encourages all members to follow golf etiquette, including, but not limited to the following:

Please play “Ready Golf” and keep up with the group in front of you.
Please repair all ball marks on the green
Please repair all divots on the course. Use sand/seed mix when provided.
Please rake sand traps after hitting out of the bunker.
Please follow course rules regarding golf carts.
Please wait until the group in front of you is sufficiently clear before hitting your shot.